BUSMGT-MS - Business Management


Official Name of Program

Business Management

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Degree Designation

MS - Master of Science



NYSED Program Code

30775 - BUSMGT-MS

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The College of Staten Island offers a program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Business Management. Designed for a broad spectrum of students with undergraduate degrees in business and related fields, it is focused on strategic management and accounting skills with required courses in major decision-making areas. Students will study advanced analytical methods and theory and acquire experience with new technology. Students may choose either the Strategic Management Track or the Large-Scale Data Analysis Track in order to complete the Master of Science in Business Management. 

The Master’s degree program in Business Management at CSI is unique in CUNY. It specializes in management decision making and is thus appropriate for both accounting and non-accounting student populations. 

This degree will also enable students to meet the 150-credit requirement for CPA licensure. 

Objectives of the program include:

  • Graduates with a background in accounting will acquire the credentials to sit for the CPA examination.

  • Graduates will learn the analytical methods currently used to assess businesses and non-profit organizations, planning and implementation processes, and control methods.

  • Graduates will update and hone their skills in decision making, analysis, and technology.

  • Graduates will understand current theories and issues of business ethics, ethical dilemmas, and the role of ethics in decision making.

  • Graduates will be familiar with the global marketplace and its implications for business.

Graduate Course Double Counting Policy

Undergraduate students majoring in Accounting, Business or Economics at the College of Staten Island and satisfying the following criteria may be granted permission to take up to three graduate courses at undergraduate tuition to be counted towards their bachelor’s degree. These graduate courses may be used only to substitute for 400-level elective requirements (ACC, BDA, BUS, ECO, FNC, MGT, MKT) designations. All graduate courses in the Business Management program can be taken as double-counting courses. All graduate courses in the Business Management Program can be taken. This allows students to earn both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees in five years.


  1. Current enrollment in bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, or Economics at the College of Staten Island and successful completion of three years of study with 90 or more earned credits. 

  2. Cumulative GPA 3.3 or above.

  3. Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a full-time College of Staten Island Business School faculty under whom the applicant has studied. 

  4. Permissions from the course instructor, the coordinator of the graduate program, and the department chairperson.

  5. Application for admission and conditional acceptance into to the Business Management graduate program.