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Retaking Graduate Courses

Following is the policy on retaking graduate courses at the College of Staten Island for which a student has received a grade of F/WU/FIN.

Effective Fall 2020, graduate students who have earned an academic grade of F or an administrative grade of WU or FIN in a CSI graduate course, may, with the permission of their program coordinators, retake the same course at CSI and replace the grade. If they earn a grade of C or higher, the F/WU/FIN grade will be replaced as follows: the original grade (F/WU/FIN) will remain on the transcript, but will no longer be computed in the cumulative grade point average (CUM GPA). This adjustment to the cumulative GPA (CUM GPA) will occur automatically at the end of the semester in which the student retakes the course. Students and their advisors should check the transcripts to ensure that this replacement has taken effect.

The following restrictions apply to this policy:

  • F-Grade Replacement is limited to a maximum of one (1) course during the student’s enrollment (matriculation) in graduate programs at the College of Staten Island.

  • F-Grade Replacement may not be used to replace an F grade resulting from a violation of CUNY’s policy on Academic Integrity.

  • F-Grade Replacement applies only to graduate courses taken at CSI: CSI students are not permitted to use this policy for courses taken at another CUNY college.

  • F-Grade Replacement does not apply to transferred courses.

  • F-Grade Replacement only applies to the same course with the same number of credits; it may not be used to replace the grade if the number of credits has changed.