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General Application for all Graduate Programs

Graduate Applicants must apply online using the application links below. Please review the Graduate Programs and Requirements for information regarding admission requirements, application procedures and application deadlines.


Visiting/ Non-Degree Applicants (for those seeking GRADUATE Level Courses)

Students enrolled in another college may enroll as visiting non-degree student if they are in good academic standing at their home college and have permission to take courses at CSI. In addition, a select number of courses in participating programs / departments are available for students who wish to take courses for personal or professional reasons, without intending to pursue a degree. Not all graduate courses are open to non-degree students.

 Readmission for Graduate Students

Graduate students who do not register for a semester and then decide to return in a subsequent semester, and who have not maintained their matriculated status, must apply for readmission.  Students who were admitted to a graduate program within the last year but did not attend may also use this form to request reactivation of their admission.

Teachers on Sabbatical/Non-Degree Applicants

Admission to the Teacher on Sabbatical program is offered on a space available basis.  In order to secure a seat, please submit the Teacher on Sabbatical application (See Step 2 below)  prior to obtaining your SOLAS Determination approval from HR Connect.  Please note, there is a possibility of being placed on a wait-list. 

Step 1: To be awarded a full or half year sabbatical for the Fall or Spring semester, a New York City teacher must submit their sabbatical application to the school principal by the deadline. Deadline dates are approximate - please check with your principal for exact dates.

Step 2: To enroll in the Teachers on Sabbatical Program at the College of Staten Island, please complete the Teachers on Sabbatical Non-Degree Graduate Application. Please review the instructions carefully prior to submitting the application. The instructions are listed on page 1 of the application.

(DO NOT send the application fee prior to receiving your SOLAS approval from the DOE.  We will only require the fee if you have been approved for sabbatical leave and there's a spot available for you in our program.)