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BDA-AC - Business Analytics of Large Scale Data


Official Name of Program

Business Analytics of Large Scale Data

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

ADVCERPB - Advanced Certificate Post Baccalaureate



NYSED Program Code

36830 - BDA-AC

CIP Code


The College of Staten Island offers a certificate program in Business Analytics of Large-Scale Data. Designed for a broad spectrum of students with undergraduate degrees in business and related fields, it is focused on addressing the need for skilled analytical researchers with experience in large-scale databases.

The School of Business at the College of Staten Island has the breadth and depth of faculty expertise in data analysis and forecasting to develop this program. The existing faculty members representing Finance, Economics and Information Management have the skills and background in industry forecasting and statistical modeling to develop and teach these courses. Our faculty members already participate in the research at the CUNY High Performance Computing Center and have in-depth knowledge of advanced computational methods. We also currently support doctoral students who have a research focus on advanced computational methods.

Graduate Course Double Counting Policy

The undergraduate students satisfying the following criteria may be granted permission to take up to two graduate courses (to fulfill their 300 or 400 level elective requirements) at undergraduate tuition to be counted towards their bachelor’s degree. These graduate courses will be double-counted toward their Business Data Analytics Certificate program. This allows students to earn both the bachelor’s and the advanced certificate in 4.5 years.


  1. Current enrollment in bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, or Economics at the College of Staten Island and successful completion of three years of study with 90 or more earned credits. 

  2. Cumulative GPA 3.3 or above.

  3. Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a full-time College of Staten Island Business School faculty under whom the applicant has studied. 

  4. Permissions from the course instructor, the coordinator of the graduate program, and the department chairperson.

  5. Application for admission and conditional acceptance into to the Business Management graduate program.

  6. All graduate courses in the MS in Accounting can be taken as double-counting courses.